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Sunday, August 13, 2006

Let Me Tell You a Story

I write erotica on commission. What this means is that I will write a story--just for you--that details some aspect of physical love. I work closely with clients, and the feedback I have received lets me know that my clients are ecstatic over the work I do for them.

I have written everything from personal fantasies to birthday/anniversary/wedding gifts. I have written letters to a potential lover, or offered paeon to 25 years of love-making. I can write short takes to novellas. It's up to you. All of these things are negotiated upfront, and I check in with my clients frequently to let them know how the writing process is unfolding.

Below, you will find samples. These are snack-bites. They are not representative of the longer pieces I write, but are, rather, little scenes that may inspire a desire for a more fleshed-out exploration of the activities.

Feel free to contact me privately at enyabouche at yahoo for more details.