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Saturday, June 18, 2005

The Personal Touch

I've recently completed some personal commissions--private stories requested by clients. The things I post here are not-so-personal; they're sort of snippets of larger pieces, condensed, hurried versions of long, lingering moments I spend with my clients. These are quickies. Snacks.

Full banquets are available. I'll serve your favorite things, prepared exactly the way you like them.

Some recent examples of work that I've done have included several gifts--special stories for a love interest make a unique present. Anyone can give a piece of jewelry or flowers, new clothes, even a car, but a story written about a particularly memorable love-making experience, or an erotic paeon to the person you love, well, that's special.

If you'd like to hear more about the private stuff, please contact me at

My services are confidential, which is why you'll never even hear me describe the kinds of things I write for other people. But if those people could talk, they'd tell you that I do unforgettable work.